So what is a smart TV bed with storage? Well, it's a bed frame that essentially you put a mattress on like a normal bed and you would sleep there, except it will be able to have a TV in the end of it and storage boxes, most probably motorized, and then it also has smart features like this one as to which we're going to go over in this video. By the way, I don't use any of the smart features that this bed has. I only use it as a TV bed. However, I will go through what this bed has specked on it. That sounds really weird. It's a bed. I'll also then go through all the things that I like about it and then the things that I don't like about it.

Storage bed

So let's start right from the beginning, the TV. Now I bought this exact bed because it could house up to a 43-inch TV. Now when I was shopping around for these smart beds, a lot of them were like maximum 29 inches, 32 inches, and I wanted something that could house a TV a little bit bigger because I wanted to get a 4K TV up in there.

Why a smart storage bed in the first place? Well, the way this room is laid out, there's no physical place for me to actually put a TV that would have an enjoyable watching experience when I'm in bed watching TV. I could put it on that wall there. But that would mean that if I'm with a partner in bed we'd both have to be looking that way, crooked necks off to the side. You want it to bang in front of you.

Mounting the TV is super, super simple in this bed. Essentially you get your TV of choice, you take off the legs as if you were to mount it on a wall. Then it has a bracket on the back on the arm of the TV motor, which you can adjust and move to the size of your TV and then screw it in. It's essentially really, really easy and it has two little rubber feet that the TV can sit on. Then you get your little remote controller in your hand, which you can do numerous things with like shine a light, put the TV up and down. Obviously, this is a smart bed so you can change the volume, bass and treble on the remote. You can also flick between the TV or auxiliary and Bluetooth.

Once you've managed to mount your TV up near the end of the bed and it's all working with the motor and you've plugged your storage bed in, then you need to get your sources to the TV, depending on what you'd like to plug into, well, the TV, what you want to use on it.

Now, this bed has an awesome little cutout down the right-hand side where you can put things like a Skybox, an X-Box. Obviously, the motor has cutouts in it for you to run the cables yourself. So I have an HDMI cable going up to my TV and that's all I really need.

So you've built your storage bed, you've mounted your TV, you've run your HDMI cable, you've put your peripherals under there. Well, that's all good, isn't it? But no, the magic doesn't stop there. This being a smart bed, not just a TV bed, it actually has surround sound speakers built into it. You've got an actual soundbar up the front of the bed, which is absolutely awesome and then you've got these rear speakers to the left and to the right.

But how do you set up this soundbar and these speakers that are literally in the side of the bed? Well, there's a subwoofer underneath and essentially you just plug them in. Then you get this little control pod, which you can click a button on and flick it between the TV's input Bluetooth or auxiliary from, let's say, a PC or an Xbox. Or you can do it via the handy-dandy remote, which actually works over wifi and not point and shoot. It's a wifi thing so it can be in the next room, still click the button and it seems to work. All the batteries there's a little light on the front. We figured that out today, actually. Really, really cool.

So there you go. That's what it's like living with a smart storage bed. I really, really enjoy it. It's fun. It turns people's heads and I have a TV here as and when I want it. So yeah, I've got nothing really else to say about it, to be honest.

Let me know if you guys are going to buy one or not. Or do you think they're ridiculous? Or do you think they're stupid or do you think they were a great idea and everybody should have one? I don't really know yet, but that's my experience with a smart storage bed so far.